Things to do in Mikri Vigla Naxos


Naxos windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, diving, kayaking, trekking, biking, riding in Mikri Vigla.

Discover the summer in Naxos with all kinds of outdoor activities in Mikri Vigla. On the North beach, Parthena, experience the wind and the waves of the Aegean Sea. Famous for the “meltemi’ wind that blows in the area, Mikri Vigla is marked as one of the best windsurf and kitesurf beaches worldwide through time and the unique kite surf beach in Naxos island. There are fully equipped sports clubs located on the beach, offering complete services for visitors of any experience level, such as begginers' supervised renting and guidance for all ages by professional instructors.

Meltemi map, How it is created The “Meltemi” winds are strong and dry, north, north-east winds of the Aegean Sea, which blow from May to September. They are caused by the low pressure formed over the Balkans in addition with the high pressure formed over India and eastern Asia. Meltemis' usually start blowing late in the morning and as the tempature of the sun increases during the day they reach their strongest level late in the midday and calm down in the afternoon offering a bright blue sky at daytime and a crystal clear star view and  a calm sky at night. The wind speed vary from 20 to 55 km/h close to the beach but at the open sea can reach the 75 km/h creating long and smooth waves, ideal for windsurf and kitesurf riding.

For a complete guide of the sports clubs available on the beach for booking, renting or buying kitesurf and windsurf equipment visit Mikri Vigla's surf shops section.

Scuba Diving, Free Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming

The crystal clear waters of Naxos are a paradise for relaxation and recreation. Explore the underwater life and observe the aquatic environment. Feel the sea and the sun of Greece. Both "Limanaki" and "Parthena" beaches in Mikri Vigla are suitable to enjoy the fresh waters of the Aegean Sea. For more shallow waters try the Southern beach or discover the ecosystem of the cape by swimming close to the rocks of the coastline. Visit the Blue Fin Divers scuba diving school for additional information on professional diving courses in Naxos.


Welcome to the biggest island of Cyclades. Naxos offers unlimited opportunities to enjoy nature for leisure or test your skills and stamina on and off the road. Explore the island through the picturesque off road paths and find the hidden beauties of the traditional villages following the local alternative routes. Easy uphill landscape and hard terrain rough mountains ready to offer you pure recreation and satisfy demanding athletes. Mikri Vigla is ideal for easy short routes along the beach or the lake but also a unique starting point to cross country because its located vertically in the middle of Naxos giving you the opportunity to enjoy all types of landscape and scenery on a mountain bike.


Enjoy the distinctive nature of Naxos on horseback. Gallop at the wonderfull endless beaches, swim with the horse in the sunset, ride in the full moon or trial for days in the untouched nature of Naxos. For information and reservations visit the Naxos Horse Riding Club.

Trekking, Hiking

Mikri Vigla is part of many hiking paths in Naxos but can also be used as an excursion point for discovering the hidden valleys, the open fields, the mountains and the unknown beaches and bays of the island. There are several trekking routes to follow and guide you through landscape known only to the locals. More info about the routes and maps will be available soon...


Set sail from Naxos to explore the Aegean Sea waters of Cyclades with experienced captains that will guide you safely to historical monuments and thrilling myths that surround them. Discover old and new castles, traditional villages and mysterious sea caves, where legends were born. Watch the dolphins acompany you and dive to the amazing beaches of Naxos island and small Cyclades that no car or bike can reach. Experience the real Aegean. For more info on yacht sailing in Naxos visit Cpt's George Fragiskos sailing yacht.

Canoe, kayak & more...

Mikri Vigla is a place of endless possibilities. Rent a kayak from the local sports clubs, bring your rib or boat with you to enjoy at your vacation. Discover nature in any form in and out of the water....