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Transportation - Getting around Naxos

Naxos is located at the center of Cyclades islands in Aegean Sea. Daily routes from numerous harbors of Greece and daily flights from and to the El. Venizelos (ATH) National Airport of Greece compile the aerial and sea water transportation network of Naxos covering all needs of travelling around Greece. Transportation in Naxos is covered by a fair good road network that is constantly growing and improved. Outside the harbor are located the bus terminal station as well as one of the taxi stations providing easy access all over the island to visitors upon arrival. Renting a car or a bike from the rental offices before arriving at Naxos and arranging to be delivered at the airport or the harbor is also a very comfortable solution.

Getting to Naxos

  • by plane (JNX - "Apollon" domestic airport of Naxos)
    From Athens National Airport (ATH - El. Venizelos) there are daily flights scheduled at:
  • There are additional seasonal flights from May to September from other international airports outside Greece. Find out more about air transportation and airplane tickets in Naxos…

    • by ferry
      There are scheduled ferry routes to Naxos from Athens (both Piraeus and Rafina ports), Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Crete and Rhodes all year long. From June to September there are additional routes that connect Naxos with several ports of Greece. Find out more about seaway transportation in Naxos and book your tickets early to take advantage of the discount and special offers of the ferry companies…
    • by sailing boat or inflatable boats, ribs
      • The marine at the port of Naxos can host up to 30 boats depending on the type and the width of the boats.
      • On the South-East of Naxos is located the marine of Kalandos renovated very recently and offers a safe shelter for sailing boats and motor boats. Mind that the nearest village is approximately 20 Km away.

Getting to Mikri Vigla

  • from the port/harbor
    • Bus: Outside the port is the bus terminal (KTEL). The bus schedule for the summer starts about 15 of June. The bus timetable for Mikri Vigla from the town/port (Chora) is at 08:15 (arriving at 08:45), 11:30 (arriving at 12:00), 15:15 (arriving at 15:45), 18:00 (arriving at 18:30). Find out more about bus tickets and bus transportation in Naxos...
    • Taxi: Outside the port, next to the bus terminal is the Taxi terminal. There are additional charges for luggage and it is advisable to ask for the fare and the extra charges before getting in. Some of the drivers have been proved to overcharge. The normal fare should be from 17€ to 25€ depending on persons number and luggage.
    • Rent a car / bike: An alternative transportation solution is to rent a car or a bike (if you travel light) and arrange with the office to be delivered at the port upon arrival. Mind to check the fuel level before you leave and refuel at the nearest gas station. The cars and the motorbikes are used to be delivered with the lowest amount of fuel.
  • from the airport
    • Bus: There is no direct connection to Mikri Vigla by bus. From the airport you can take the bus (the bus stop is 200m away) to the port and from there the bus to Mikri Vigla. The bus timetable from airport to Naxos town is every half hour (30 minutes).
    • Taxi: Usually there are taxis outside the airport at every arrival. There are additional costs and extra fees for picking a taxi from the airport so don't hesitate to ask the driver for the exact fare.
    • Rent a car / bike: If you plan to rent a car during your stay at Naxos and not just for a day or two to explore the island, it is advisable to book it before you arrive and arrange to be delivered at the airport upon arrival. Mind to check the fuel level before signing the rental aggreement and refuel if neccessary.

Where to stay in Mikri Vigla - Naxos Accommodation

Relaxing vacation requires convenience in accommodation. Mikri Vigla disposes a variety of hotels, studios, apartments, villas of any type. We created a directory with recommended lodgings in order to fulfill your vacation's desires. This catalogue is verified and always updated.
Find out more about accommodation in Mikri Vigla

Find a Travel Agency in Naxos

Vigla Travel Agency - Naxos Mikri Vigla

"Vigla Travel" Tourist Travel Agency

Travel Information - Ferry tickets with all companies - Bus tours around the island - Daily cruises to the neighboring islands - Rent a car & motorbike. Our travel agency is located at the middle of Mikri Vigla in Naxos island and we are waiting to prepare for you the best plan for your holidays.

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Useful Information - Travel tips

Weather forecast in Mikri Vigla, Naxos

Usefull Phone numbers in Greece and Naxos island

The international telephone code for Greece is 0030 (#30). If you are calling from abroad or within Greece but through roaming remember to type the international code for Greece first. If you are calling from a Greek landline or a Greek mobile service you dont need to apply the international code, use only the number you wish to call (and the local area code if calling a landline phone).

  • Greece emergency phone numbers - Athens area code: 210
    • European Emergency Number: 112
    • Police emergency: 100
    • Ambulance service - first aid: 166
    • Port police emergency: 108
    • Tourist police: 171
    • Fire brigade: 199
    • Athens El. Venizelos airport information: 210 3530000
    • Port Office of Piraeus: 210 4147800
    • Forest agency: 1591
    • Poisoning center: 210 7793777
    • Counter terrorism agency: 1014
    • General Information (Pay-per-call Sarvices): 11880 or 11888
    • Time: 14844
    • Hellenic Post - EL.TA.: 800 1182000
    • Boats, airplanes and buses timetables: 14944

  • Naxos usefull phone numbers - area code: 22850
    • Hospital: 22850 23333 - 23676
    • Police: 22850 22100
    • Port police: 22850 22300
    • Airport "Apollon": 22850 24816
    • Naxos Municipality: 22853 60100
    • Fire Department: 22850 32199
    • Post Office: 22850 22211
    • Naxos town archaeological museum: 22850 22725
    • Taxi Station: 22850 22444 - 24331
    • Bus station: 22850 22291

Watch the location of the ships in real time - Marine traffic in Greece

For the port of Naxos click on the first drop-down menu and choose " [GR] NAXOS ".